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We have built up an excellent reputation over the many years. Having supplied around 2000 practices.

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After selling my hospital in Australia some seven years ago my wife and I ventured to the UK where, on and off, I have worked as a veterinary locum. To facilitate the employment process, I registered with several Veterinary Agencies. Fortunately for me one of these agencies was NORTHERN.

For the past seven years I have found Julie Frost and her team to be extremely helpful. They are courteous and efficient and always available for a chat. Julie's personal touch makes you feel like you are the only Vet applying for, and capable of filling, the advertised position.

Northern seems to select the practices to suit the applicant and I have never been disappointed in Julie's choice.

Obviously, Northern are not the only agency I used during my UK odyssey, but they were one of the best. I can only recommend them to both employers and locums most highly.
Jim O'Connor, B.Rur. Sc. B.V.Sc. MRCVS..... read more


The Agency provides a service solely to the Veterinary profession and covers all of Great Britain



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